Basic Rates

East Side Guitar Repair offers repair and modifications to just about any fretted instrument. Quotes and estimates are difficult to give over the phone. Stop in and we will evaluate your instrument and give you an estimate at no charge. Here is a list of some our services to help guide you.

Shop Rate $75/Hour

Bench Fee $20

Acoustic Setup $75

Electric Guitar/Bass Basic Setup $75

Electric Guitar/Bass Deluxe Setup $100

Fret Level/Crown/Polish (includes setup) $175

Refret $375+

New Bone Nut or Compensated Saddle $60

Finish Work- Quote

Wiring/Pickup Installation/Custom Work $75/Hour

Pickup Rewinds $100+

Written Appraisal $75

Amplifier Repair & Service- Arcane Amplification

These basic rates are for labor only and do not include strings or parts. Prices are subject to change without notice.


"Ryan at East Side kicks ass. Super cool guy and does such a great job! He fixed up my Les Paul Gold Top that I thought was a lost cause. I broke the neck on my SG Custom, Ryan fixed it and it never goes out of tune! I've taken all 5 of my guitars over there for setups and they always come back amazing. I will NEVER take my guitar anywhere else. If Ryan gets hit by a bus I'll have to stop playing guitar... he's that good."

Jamie M.

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