Here is a list of some musicians that have used our services.

Steve Albini~ Shellac, Electrical Audio (studio)
Dave Allen~ Gang Of Four
Aaron Beam~ Red Fang
Steve Berlin~ Los Lobos
Matt Brown~ She And Him, Mike Coykendall & The Golden Shag
Carl Broemel~ My Morning Jacket
Peter Buck~ REM, The Minus 5, The Baseball Project, Robyn Hitchcock
Larry Crane~ Jackpot Studios, Vomit Launch
Mike Coykendall~ M Ward, She And Him, Mike Coykendall & The Golden Shag
Wayne Coyne~ The Flaming Lips
Scott Demay~ Old Light, Mike Coykendall & The Golden Shag
Dave Dreiwitz~ Ween, Marco Benevento Trio, Moistboyz
Eric Early~ Blitzen Trapper
Tim Ellis~ Kung Fu Bakery (studio)
Sallie Ford~ Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside
Sam Fowles~ Parson Redheads
David Fredrickson~ The Prids
Chris Funk~ The Decemberists
Howe Gelb~ Giant Sand, Giant Giant Sand
Peter Holmström~ The Dandy Warhols, Pete International Airport
Jim James~ My Morning Jacket
Scott Hampton~ Mike Coykendall & The Golden Shag
Colin Henga~ Federale, Revolver Studio
Charlie Hester~ Parson Redheads, Old Light
Jamie Hince~ The Kills
Garth Klippart~ Old Light
Mistina LaFave~ The Prids
Amos Lee~ Amos Lee
Johnny Marr~ The Smiths, Modest Mouse, The Cribs, Johnny Marr
Marty Marquis~ Blitzen Trapper
Zia McCabe~ The Dandy Warhols
Greg Melaney~ Danava
Colin Meloy~ The Decemberists
Eric Menteer~ Blitzen Trapper
John Moen~ The Decemberists
Jeff Munger~ Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside
Conor Oberst~ Bright Eyes
Nate Query~ The Decemberists
Ty Seagull~ Ty Seagull
Adam Selzer~ M Ward, Alialujah Choir, Type Foundry Studios
Jimmy Shaw~ Metric
Mike Skill~ The Romantics
Michael VanPelt~ Blitzen Trapper
Cody Votoloto~ The Blood Brothers, Jaguar Love
Matt Ward~ M Ward, She And Him
Evan Way~ Parson Redheads





"I play in a band called Blitzen Trapper and we have Ryan do ALL of our set-ups and repairs. The guy is the best."

Michael VanPelt

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